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Our main categories are home decor, children's room, stationery, media and gadgets, kitchen, travel and personal care, parties, toys. Therefore, we have eight sub-brands.

Cozy Ornament Ego

Home, the most important place in the world, that's what focus on---Cozy Ornament Ego.

We don't believe in perfect homes. We believe in homes that are a perfect reflection of the people who live inside. Where everything looks the way you want it to, works the way you need it to, and just generally makes you feel good – without costing a fortune. That's why we've filled this section with tons of different home ideas, from home decoration ideas to organising tips to inspiration for making your home more green. So that you'll have all you need for creating a space that you love calling home.

Mini Life Style Ego

We keep our focus on kids interiors&toys and always develop new pattern/ colors by seasons. We hope every kid will have a lovely mini home they like to stay !

Decorate, share, crack, let's go!

Culture Ego

We devote ourself to a new world of unique and affordable stationery. Creative styling and novel material is our forte.

From product to packaging, we create it by re-imagined ideas.

You know that you can always get whatever stationery you need from us.

Smart Ego

Smart Ego focusing on consumer electronic over 5 years.

We follow closely with hot tech appliance on the market.

Together with Our innovative design and super price performance.

we sincerly looking forward to working as your partner to gain market share.

Family Ego

We are committed to providing you with a safe, comfortable and pleasant family atmosphere. We pay attention to the details of kitchen products and keep up with the design trend. I hope to add pleasure to your life. Let's start a better life together.

Travel Ego

Upgrade your travel experience with "EGO Travel Goods". From our award-winning personal care products with quality, novel material and advanced technology to our more series and package, every pieces within the collection is crafted for designs and durability. For memory, record your experiences with the excellent products. We devote ourselves to taking good care of you when you on the way.

Party Ego

Party ego strives to reach beyond 3 main goals: creativity & sustainability & affordability. Our party decoration & accessaries bring a great atmosphere and a highlight on party or wedding.

We are on mission to spread enjoyment and happiness everyday.

Fun Ego

We are aimed to pass on the happiness that EGO FUN creates to the children of the world.

We uphold the environmental, intellectual, safe, and creative design concept and the fashion direction. Our product's material are all derived from natural and ecologically sound forests. Natural wood, unique design, Bright color, novel packing, that make our products so unique in the dazzling array of toy market. We'd like to let the children have safe in the play and have fun in creation.

Let's explore the secrets of children's growth!